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What is the cost for Abode to manage my property?
Each home has a varying level of maintenance, which means that the cost can be different for everyone. This is why it’s best to have a chat with us, so that we can discuss what we can do for you according to your needs and avoid hidden costs.

What is your process for finding a tenant?
We have a very rigorous process for finding the right tenant for your home. We personally take every prospective tenant through your home to go over its features and benefits. Next we establish a shortlist of possible tenants and do a full reference check and credit checks if required.

We then go over the list in detail with you to decide on the right tenant. Once we’ve found a suitable tenant, we will manage the signing of the tenancy agreement and the collection of the bond. Before the tenant moves in we will also conduct a pre-tenancy inspection and a walk-through with them.

Do you conduct an inspection prior to a tenant moving in?
Yes, we always do. Every home will be inspected before any tenant moves in. This is so we can see whether anything needs to be repaired and to keep a record of the property’s condition.

Can I increase my rent regularly?
In the Residential Tenancies Act it’s stated that rent cannot be increase more than once, every 180 days. You must also give your tenant 60 days written notice when increasing the rent.

What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent?
We monitor the rent payments weekly, which means we’ll automatically see if someone hasn’t paid. If this happens we get in contact asap and arrange for the payment to be made promptly. We will always follow up until the arrears have been cleared, which is usually between 2-4 days.

How much notice is needed if I want the tenant to leave?
If you wish to re-tenant your property, it is best to let us know as soon as possible. Provided your tenant is on a periodic tenancy, we can issue a 90-day written notice for them to vacate.

However, if your tenant is on a fixed-term tenancy, they are not required to leave until the end date listed on the agreement. Exceptions can be made if both parties are happy to terminate the tenancy agreement at an earlier date.

What happens if I want to sell my property?
If you decide to sell your property, we will issue the tenant with a letter stating your intentions. We will also discuss with the tenant a suitable viewing time for potential buyers. If your home is sold and the new owner needs a vacant property, we will issue the tenant with 42 days’ written notice provided they are on a periodic tenancy.


What are tenant’s obligations when they rent a property?
Your Tenancy Agreement outlines the main points regarding your tenancy, but you may also have additional obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act. When you sign the agreement, you agree to be responsible for taking reasonable care of the property by keeping it clean and tidy, especially when you vacate. You also agree to make sure no damage is made by you or any visitors.

The Tenancy Agreement may have other special clauses that you need to abide by (such as no pets or maintaining the lawns); however, we will bring these to your attention before you sign the agreement. If you have any further questions about your Tenancy Agreement please contact us.

Who collects the rent and how often is it received?
The tenant will pay the rent into Abode’s Trust account and at the end of the month the account will be reconciled and the full amount will be paid to the owner. The payment to the owner is usually done within the first three days of the month depending on the day the 1st falls on.

How often are property inspections?
Properties are inspected every six months unless the landlord requests more.

Tenants must repair any damage they have caused, at their own cost and to a good standard. If there is any outstanding damage that is considered to be their responsibility, and that has not been repaired by them, we may make an application to the Tenancy Tribunal to request that their bond be used to cover the damages. Sometimes the tribunal may decide they owe money for damages in excess of the bond money held, in which case they will be issued with a debt notice.

What is required for bond refund?
Make sure that the tenant leaves the property in a clean and tidy condition and as per the requirements of your Tenancy Agreement. For example, there should be no rubbish lying around and the gardens and lawns should be neat. Internally the walls, doors, windows and ledges, kitchen, and bathroom should be clean. Carpets should be commercially cleaned.

What are the implications if tenants breach the Tenancy Agreement?
If you breach the agreement, we will issue you with a ’14-day notice to remedy’ on behalf of the landlord, which is a requirement of the Residential Tenancies Act. We will work with you to remedy the breach. However, if you fail to do so within the required time frame we have the right to make an application to the Tenancy Tribunal to terminate your tenancy.