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Maintaining regular property inspections is the key to managing your rental property well.
It’s a great opportunity to check that everything is in working order, to establish if there are any issues or damage and also an opportunity to get to know your tenants better.

The landlord needs to give the tenant 48 hours’ notice of an inspection and also find out if the tenant wants to be there for the inspection. I always take my checklist and camera so I can make notes and record anything that needs to be addressed.


Inspection checklist;

  • ALWAYS inspect every room. If you have given the correct amount of notice the full house should be available for you to look through
  • In the wet areas ie. Bathroom, kitchen, toilet and laundry, look for any signs of moisture or mould – you want to ensure that these areas are well ventilated
  • Likewise, make sure all the bedrooms are also ventilated. Look behind curtains and on the windows and sills for any mould growth
  • If you have concerns over the number of tenants living in the house – check the number of toothbrushes in the bathroom
  • Look around the outside of the property; ensure there isn’t a build-up of rubbish or garden waste.
  • Chat with the tenant while you are looking through the house – it’s a great way to find out if they have any concerns and to learn more about how they use the house